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As we expand across the UK, we’re in need of highly skilled individuals to join our ranks.

JOB REQUIREMENTS Nottinghamshire

Qualifications and Equipment Required:

Join Spire Aesthetics as a freelance consultant and work on a self-employed basis.

Take charge of accurately managing Tax and National Insurance matters, knowing that Spire Aesthetics will not hold any responsibility for incorrect payments.

As a freelance consultant at Spire Aesthetics, professionalism and outstanding customer care are of utmost importance, just as they are in any salon.


While performing treatments, it is expected that you wear appropriate attire, such as a salon-style tunic.

Spire Aesthetics does not provide a uniform, but any specific clothing requirements will be communicated to you in advance.


Comprehensive insurance coverage for all treatments is mandatory. You may be asked to present a valid insurance certificate upon request.

Equipment & Accessories:

When applying to work with Spire Aesthetics, ensure that you possess all the necessary equipment for carrying out treatments.

You are responsible for providing your own non-surgical machinery. If you wish to expand your treatment offerings, we have supplier contacts who can offer discounted rates.

The Right To Refuse Treatment:

At Spire Aesthetics, we uphold strict professional and ethical standards. We want our consultants to feel comfortable representing Spire during their engagements.

Please note that our consultants have the right to terminate treatments if any of the following conditions apply:

– Broken skin or lesions

– Misconduct, such as solicitation or suggestive comments

– Any undisclosed medical conditions

– Pregnancy, if the treatment is deemed unsuitable for pregnant individuals

– Intoxication from alcohol

Frequency of Work:

The frequency of work depends on the season, overall demand in your area, and the number of other consultants working in the same area.

As freelance consultants, we cannot guarantee a regular working schedule.

Travel and Parking Expenses:

Please be aware that travel costs are not covered unless you are specifically asked to travel a significant distance from your base.

Any parking expenses will be charged to the client, and you will be reimbursed for your expenses upon receiving payment for your services.

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