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As you age, the skin is likely to sag. This affects the chin, forehead, and other body parts. At first, it’s not that a huge dilemma. Don’t leave it untreated for days.


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Advantages of Spire Aesthetics Nottinghamshire Treatments:

What Causes The Chin To Sag?

Drastic Weight Gain and Loss

Aging is a common reason to have a double chin. Another factor can be weight gain. This is especially true when you gain a pound in an instant. Drastic weight loss can also be an issue. Your chin may look saggy, affecting your self-esteem and positivity.

Hereditary Factor

A double chain can also be a family trait. It can be hereditary. Although some feel proud of it, others cannot accept its saggy look. Worry no more! High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound has emerged in the market to help. It is developed as a non-surgical facelift procedure, called as Ultherapy.
Spire Aesthetics Nottinghamshire The Best Option!

Our Treatments are painless. We can use ultrasound rays that have been tested to transform the skin into a youthful one or Our Fat freezing treatment.

Whether you’re afraid of anaesthetics or medical knives, it’s different and safe. Thanks to the ultrasound rays. They are the ones that penetrate the skin deeply.

When looking for a solution that can turn saggy skin into a tight one, HIFU for chin is the method you shouldn’t miss.

When it comes to procedures, it usually takes from 15 minutes to an hour. After the treatment, you can go back to work. There is no recovery time. – That’s the same with all our treatments.

Spire Aesthetics Nottinghamshire provides the best deals. Well, you may undergo different sessions for specific areas.

It’s always best to grab the complete package. At Spire Aesthetics, we provide fully-fledged services to our clients. We have HIFU for different body parts.

Not only can we reduce frown lines on the forehead, crow’s feet wrinkles, tighten the neck, lift the middle part of the face, tone cheeks, but we can also lift brows.

While some experience fast results after the session, it can be visible after a month for some.

HIFU Therapy Nottinghamshire has been gaining in popularity. Since inception, it has created a buzz all over the internet. While the number of patients that choose HIFU has skyrocketed, the providers are no exception.

When selecting the right medical cosmetics clinic, it’s quite overwhelming. This is where Spire Aesthetics comes in.

If you’re searching for a Consultant Led company, Spire Aesthetics Nottinghamshire won’t disappoint you. We have them all.

Our clients also love our reasonable prices. But we never compromise quality services. We remain committed to offering a responsive, relevant, and effective solution.

You can contact our customer representatives today to make an appointment. We understand your needs and treat our patients as a family.